Beef Afritada Recipe 2023

Beef Afritada is an easy one- pot mess that the whole family will love. This Filipino Beef Stew is hearty and succulent with beefroot vegetables, and various peppers in a rich and scrumptious tomato sauce!

One of the most popular and followed fashions then on Kawaling Pinoy is my interpretation of funk afritada. This dish is in the top ten list of what drives the most business of the month and I ’m not surprised!

With juicy funk, tender root vegetables and various peppers slow– cooked in fresh tomatoes, it’s sure to hit the spot!

momentstill, it’s all about the beef afritada. Of the numerous variations of this ubiquitous Filipino stew, I’ve to say this is my fave. I ’m not important of a beef person, but there’s just commodity about chopstick– tender meat smothered in a thickhearty sauce that’s hard to repel.

In addition, it’s easy to prepare with simple constituents and in one visagePerfect for busy weeknights!

Cuisine tips

  • Shindig the potatoes, carrots and peppers in a visage so they keep their shape while cooking in the sauce.
  • Cut the beef into invariant size for indeed cooking.
  • Pat dry with paper apkins as redundant humidity will produce brume and help a caramelized crust from forming on the meat.
  • Brown the beef dulyShindig on mediumhigh heat and don’t overcrowd the visageBe patientand let the meat brown before turning.
  • Contrary to popular beliefriding meat isn’t meant to seal in humidity, but to add depth of flavor and a more charming colorFinish the stew in the same visage and do n’t indeed bother to wash or wipe the visage after browning the beef. These heated pieces add inconceivable flavor to the goulash!
  • You can reduce the liquid until it clings deliciously to the meat and potatoes, or you can poach it until it thickens into a rich sauce that can be laded over the rice.

How to serve

Serve Afritadang baka as a main dish for lunch or regale with fumed rice. Another of my favorite ways to enjoy it’s as a pandesal filling for a noon snack.

Storehouse of leavings

  • Transfer leavings to a vessel with a lid and chill for over to 3 days or indurate for over to 2 months.
  • Heat pot to 165F, adding further water or beef broth to loosen thickness if demanded. Or microwave oven in 2 to 3 nanosecond intervals until hotted through.